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There gotten to be so many pages or screens in this project I have decide to insert an index. In this way if you have been here before you might be able to check out the dates and you won't have to sift through all of the screens you have already viewed.

First screen/page. In the beginning showing the site set up and my first visitors.

Second screen/page. Dated 06/07/02Showing the "Harris' Antelope Squirrels" rejoicing over the abundance of food.

Third screen/page. 06/07/02 Images of my watch Hawk and a fly by of a Turkey Vulture.

Forth screen/page. 06/07/02 a Hummingbird come to my site in the desert.

Fifth screen/page. 06/07/02 more new visitors come to the site. Gambles Quail, Gila Woodpecker, Curved-billed Thrasher, and a couple of Orioles.

Sixth screen/page. 06/07/02 more visitors came to the site. Lazuli Bunting, White-crown Sparrow, Townsend's and Yellow-rumped Warblers, plus one Sparrow I need identified.

Seventh screen/page. 06/07/02 A Chipping Sparrow (I think) taking it bath in the drinking water and a female Orioles, (Which species I don't know)

Eighth screen/page. Up-date as of 06/10/02 A truly black day for this photographer and the No Where Desert Arizona project. The wind came and blew all away including me and my cameras. With only a few cuts & scratches I survived but my cameras and 500mm lens & other photo equipment did not.

Ninth screen/page. Yes, this truly is a new DAWNING for the project. 06/15/02

Tenth screen/page (9a). 06/15/02 Some wild life coming back after the storm.

Eleventh screen/page (9b). Shows reconstruction of my blind.

Twelfth screen/page (9c). Text about the temperatures and humidity.

Thirteenth screen/page (9d). 06/16/02 Birds coming back, Shrike.

Fourteenth screen/page (9e). 06/16/02 A Roadrunner pays a visit to the water tank.

Fifteenth screen/page (9f). Another first for this site. HOLY, WHOPPER HOPPER!

Sixteenth screen/page (9g). That's it for the Whopper Hoppers.

Seventeenth screen/page (9h). Ever see it so hot that the Lizards were coming to a drinking place?

Eighteenth screen/page (9i). 06/16/02 I think this means trouble with a capital "T"

Nineteenth screen/page (9j). 06/16/02 Why is my water dish always full of dirt?

Twentieth screen/page (9k). 06/16/02 This happens just like clock work.

Twenty first screen/page (9kk). It seems to prefer the apples over the oranges for some reason.

Twenty second screen/page It's HOT out here in No Where Arizona.

It's going to be a long HOT summer and other than keeping water & seed out there I won't be spending as much time on the site as I have in the past. But, please keep checking here you never know when I might go out there and get more images and information.

Twenty third screen/page. 08/11/2002

Twenty fourth screen/page -08/13/2002 Well, I finally got that last bird identified and now have on the this page at the end.

Twenty fifth screen/page. The night was cool and the night critters had come to play and eat. 08/27/02

The Rains finally came to the desert IN THE HARCUVARS 09/14/02 This one you do not to miss.

After the rains 09/14/02 9:00 PM

The rains came, and the rains left, what a JOLT 10/17/02

Not much going on but here it is. 12/03/02

A whole/hole lot of digging and rock lifting going on and 2 new birds 12/19/02
A sage sparrow and a Prairie Falcon

T'was the day before Christmas & I have finished the rock garden & laid out much bird food. 12/24/02

2002 recap 01/01/03

02/02/2003 Not much going on.

03/09/03 Sunday made the trip once again to spruce up the place a bit.

03/23/03 Sunday

05/18/03 Sunday "Guess who came to visit NO WHERE?"

05/24/03 They all came to drink.
It's just plane HELL. In fact I may just change the name to HELL ARIZONA.

07/13/2003 Where the heck is all the water going??


08/10/03 To Hot to do anything at 123 degrees

08/25/03 Rain & Rabbits plus a new tenant in my rock garden

08/30/03 And the animals went into the ARK two by two. 08/30/03

09/04/03 The waters are slowly receding, but I don't know where that ARK landed.

10/20/03 Two new birds come to visit.

10/27/03 It was 70 degrees out on the Big Empty and a few birds have started to return - maybe.

11/17/03 MUD HAPPENS


01/05/04 The return of the Sage Sparrows Well, I finally got the photos on 01/11/04

01/12/04 Another new bird came to eat

02/15/04 Another beautiful day in No Where, & yes I got a new bird visitor today.

02/22/04 It was a dark, glummy & windy day in No Where this Sunday

05/16/04 where's that snake hiding?

06/10/2004 Am still making the trip out there to fill those water tanks & feed boxes
but not else is going on. I may set up in a week or so to see what if any new wild life is still coming,
I know some thing is out there because the water & feed is still being eaten up.

06/28/04 it's show time folks

08/23/04 WOW, 1 day at the Grand Canyon & the next day in No Where Desert Arizona!!

09/05/04 A very beautiful day in No Where Arizona

12/26/2004 Shutting down for the winter and the lack of birds in the area.


The river of no return - 01/12/05

03/14/05 Where seldom is seem anything that is GREEN

04/29/025 Hawk raises its family in No Where


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