Arizona Wild Bird Photos


I think I will change the name to


May 24, 2003


I arrived in HELL at 4:30 AM.

And it was already 97 degrees. The Humidity was about 37%.


I immediately knew I was in big trouble.

The new grounds keeper took an immediate disliking to me.

Didn't your mama ever tell you it's not polite to stick your tongue out at strangers?

If you look very close you can see he is about 11 years old, that is, if each rattler is equal to one year of growth.

Sid the Rattler wasted no time in telling me to get out.

Getting ready for another strike.

I think he's started to like me a little better. At least he's not sticking his tongue out at me any more.:):):):):)

It/he was striking at me so often I really had a difficult time getting a hold of him.
I finally had to get out my long handled grabbers.
After striking several more times at them, I was able to get a good grip on that Rattler.

I quickly dispatched it to another location about 100 feet away in hopes it would return for a while.

At 4:30 AM your really not all that alert.
But, you can bet my adrenaline was flowing and my ole hart was really pumping
by now and I truly was wide awake.


I feel it's possible I now have snakes after one year of not seeing any is,
the feed I keep out that attracts the food for the snakes if you know what I mean.

By food for the snakes I think it is these little fellows as well as others.

One snake bite size Kangaroo Rate


Now 2 snake bite size Kangaroo Rats.


I came early because with the hot weather coming, no I'll change that to it's already hear.

I wanted to make a radical change in the automatic watering system.

As soon as I had refilled the feeders that was going to be my next project, so I thought.