Arizona Wild Bird Photos


May 18, 2003


The flies so thick you couldn't breath.
I had to put a cloth over my face just I could fill the water
and put out seed and then I vacated the place in a hurry.

I'll come back in a week or so, but I can't handle those very small flies.
If you were to ask I would more than likely say there were about a 1000 per cubic inch of air.
Yes, I know that's a bit high, but it seemed like it.


Anyway, as started to run across the area to fill the seed tray I almost stepped on a new visitor to "NO WHERE". After photographing it I went about the business of seeding and watering and it came after me. I know its only a Gopher Snake but never the less I did not want to antagonize it. I kicked some gravel at it and it decided not to chase me and slithered of into the brush.




After kicking a bit of sand in its face it slithered off into the brush.

I never have a snake chase me before.


I don't care about the heat but those pesky lil flies have got to go!!

Man is it ever hot in HELL ARIZONA

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