grand canyon,grand canyon view points


Please bare in mind these images were taken with a digital camera only capable of producing a 500 KB Jpg picture.


The look out points at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Starting from the East most view points.
However, you choose to view them in any oder you may want to.

When taking photos at an altitude at or over 6000 feet you should use a "UV" filter to take out the bluish cast that the Ultra produces.
As you can see I did not because they do not make on one for this inexpensive camera.


While driving from point to point keep a sharp look out for;

People walking & biking they have the ride-a-way

Cars pulling out of the points or pulling back onto the road from being parked on the side of the road.

Deer and Elk, you never will know when one may jump out in front of your car. see photos below

Some times they think they are hood ornaments.

NONE of the ABOVE will be looking out for YOU


You may not see the Deer but they can be on you in a blink of your eye.



I was lucky these two did not come out into the road.


While walking, ( and not driving ) look around for the wild life that is every where at the canyon. .

to view some of the wild life I saw during the month of October 2004 while taking these images.


The Grand Canyon south rim points are between 6000 feet and 7000 feet above sea level.

Starting from the East end this is the order they are in.

Each screen will have these links on them

Desert View point - Navajo point - Lipan point - Tusayan Ruin & Museum - Moran point - Grandview point
Yaki point - Mather point - Yavapai point - Maracopa point - Powell point - Hopi point - Mohave point
Pima point - Hermits Rest point Windshield view points

Desertview has
rest rooms, shops, food, restaurants, souvenirs

Tusayan Ruins has rest rooms

Grandview has rest rooms

Mather point is close to the park's vistor center that has stores and rest rooms, souvenirs

Hopi Point has rest rooms

Hermits Rest has rest rooms, snacks, souvenirs


Ride the free shuttle bus and leave the driving to the park people.

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