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Please bare in mind these images were taken with a digital camera only capable of producing a 500 KB Jpg picture.

The look out points at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

When taking photos at an altitude at or over 6000 feet you should use a "UV" filter to take out the bluish cast that the Ultra produces.
As you can see I did not because they do not make on one for this inexpensive camera.

Navajo Point

Pronounced Nava-ho


Before we get started I think I will pull into one of the nice little pic-nic areas that are in between the view points.


You see, it's a very nice wooded area.


And if you look hard enough you may even get a glimpse of the canyon.


Can't ya just smell that bacon sizzling?


There's a nice parking area as you can see the old van is backed in.
Also these pic nic area have port-a-potys, or out door Jons.


I wanted you see the food such as it is so you would not think I made this up.
3 eggs, 4 bacons, 1 Qt. of gatorade & a few other snackies. Note my 1 burner stove.
The red thing in the back ground is my egg holder.


AH, come-on now, that's a very poor way to show the points name, and besides you can't even spell.

I could not photo the sign but will next week when I go backup.

One week later just as I had promised.



If you look closely up on that ridge you see the look out tower that we saw at Desertview point.









Next point Lipan

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Yaki point - Mather point - Yavapai point - Maracopa point - Powell point - Hopi point - Mohave point
Pima point - Hermits Rest point Windshield view points


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