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Please bare in mind these images were taken with a digital camera only capable of producing a 500 KB Jpg picture.

The look out points at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

When taking photos at an altitude at or over 6000 feet you should use a "UV" filter to take out the bluish cast that the Ultra produces.
As you can see I did not because they do not make on one for this inexpensive camera.

Grandview Point


You'll really enjoy the scenery as you drive from point to point.


I sure hope it lives up to its name.






You can't see it but there is a bird perched on the rock on the left about 9 o'clock.

Just as soon as I can change lenses we'll have a closer look at it.


We are now looking through a 400 mm lens.

I think I had better change to at least a 500 mm lens.


Now that's a little better.

Folks behind me are saying, "oh, it a baby California Condor".

Even though its a rather large bird it can not be a Condor.


Well it plops down to rest just a Condor.


Well, that was a nice rest.


Better make sure all the ole feathers are in tip top shape if I am going to fly outa here.


Now that you have your photos I'm going soaring for a while.


If you haven't guessed by now I will tell you this bird is a young Turkey Vulture.
How do I know that you say, well, its dark head indicates it is a young bird.
The adult Turkey Vultures have a red head.
Also note the trailing edge of the wing feathers are very light or white.
This is the dead give-a-way as to it being a Turkey Vulture.

Well, this Grandview point did turn out to be quite a grand viewing experience.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Next is Yaki point

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