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Wild Life at the canyon


Remember now,

do not approach or;

attempt to feed the wild life.

It's against the park rules and you could get fined for doing it.
Also, wild life does not know where the feed stops and your fingers begin.

The park's medical facilities treat over 1000 bites a year.

The Deer and Elk's spook very easy and their hooves are as sharp as razors
& could put one of their horns through in a blink of an eye.

Also, be careful about stetting any thing down on the ground that these guys can get into, because they will.


Bad Squirrel?
No, bad tourist giving a squirrel a peanut.

The little girl that fed the peanut to the squirrel got a very bad bite.
If you look very close you can see 2 drops of blood on the top of the wall the squirrel is on and
note the blood spot on the peanut.


Clarks Nutcracker


Ring-tailed Cat

Ring-tailed Cat

Look in the rocks you may see a fossil or two

One of the more common flowers is the Cliff Rose

Female Deer

Mountain Chickadee

Big Horn Ram

Common Raven

Ruby-crown Kinglet

Western Bluebird


California Condor

Western Scrub Jay


All of the above wild life was photographed on or at each of the points I have listed.

This is only a sampling of the wild life at the canyon.

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