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Just what is a DESERT, or what makes a desert, a DESERT?

This section shall be for Cactus and their blooms.
If I have miss named any, please feel free to correct me.
If I have not named any, please feel free to help me name them.


My record Saguaro Cactus.
I believe this Saguaro has the most arms on it of any Saguaro, any where.
It was very difficult to count the arms, and I may not have counted correctly, but I did count them many times. The least amount of arms I came up with was 43, the most amount of arms I came up with was 57. I would guess the only way to get a correct count would be to number each arm as I counted, but that in this case was impossible, so, I will just have to leave it as is. I did get 53 arms 3 times in my counting so I will except the number 53 as the amount of arms this Saguaro has.

My Giant Saguaro.

Next my Saguaro cactus with over 1000 blooms on it.


How does the cactus survive with no water for a long time,
and just what makes a cactus a cactus?

A few cactus funnies before we get started.

Hummmmm; I'll have to meditate on this for a spell???



O'me o'my
this Arizona heat is going to be the death of me yet.

If you'd come a little closer, I'd give you a big HUG.



This not a cactus but I don't know just what it is.
The one thing I do know is, it has stickers just like a cactus
If you touch it, your going to get stuck, it has thorns just like a cactus.


You have sent me many E-mails asking,
"Why, don't I show a picture of the cacti by its name
so we can see it before we go to it"



Can any one tell me what this is?


Angel Wings


Ball Cacti

Barrel Twisted

Beaver tail

Biznaga cacti

Bishop's cap-Bishop's miter-Monks hood




Cliestocactus ritteri

Dog Cholla

Easter Lily Cactus

Echinocactus ingens

Echinopsis formosa

Echinopsis Epic


Ferocactus Stainesii Barrel Type

Fish Hook Barrel

Golden Barrel

Hedgehog Claret cup

Hedgehog Strawberry

Homalocephala texensis

Mammillaria melanocentra

Mammillaria gigantea

Mammillaris hahriana

Mammillaria longiflorus

Notocactus claviceps


Old Man Cactus Cephalocereus senilis

Opuntia Microdasys? or Opuntis Rufida?

Pin Cushion types



Prickly Pear

Arizona State Flower?? You guess?



Rebutia (Weingartia)

Rebutia neocummingii

Red Spined

Saguaro Cactus close up Many images on 5 pages, so please take the time to wait for them to load as you go from page to page.

Saguaro with a Crested or "Cristate"

Silver Torch Cactus [Cleistocactus strausii ]


Totem pole cactus


Turks Cap

X-mass Cholla



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