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Arizona Wild Bird Photos
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I found a Saguaro with 1149 blooms.

It was so difficult to get the blooms counted that I had to end up getting 8 people to do the counting. I doubt if 1140 is the exact number of blooms. It may be a few short, or a few long, but it was the number we came up with 2 out of 3 times. The cactus sits on the east side of 111th. avenue at Alabama Avenue in Youngtown, AZ. against a block wall and power pole.

I am finding out that these saguaro's don't always bloom the same every year. I had planed to take a count on several others because they had 100's of blooms on them last year, but I did not get a chance to do it. This year they had hardly any blooms on them. I had about 100 saguaro's staked out to count blooms on. This one that I photographed, last year only had 19 blooms on it. I have only been keeping records for 2 years now, and that's not long enough to draw any solid conclusion from. Maybe I will do it for one more year just see if my theory holds up that, one they bloom heavy and the next they don't.



Ya, I know, It's not much to look at, and you sure can't count all of the blooms and bloom pods from these photos.

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