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Arizona Wild Bird Photos
Is now -

Ball Cactus

Do not look for these in the wild in Arizona.

I believe these come under the heading "Gymnocalycium" there are over 80 species in this group. In the wild they grow under shade from other plants, not in the direct sun light. I also believe they are native to South America. I grow these on my patio under a 60% shade screen. These I am showing could be one of the following. Gymnocalycium baldianum, sagionis, quehlianum, bruchii. These are small globular cacti no more than an inch or two in diameter and only a few inches tall. The blooms last for many days and they seem to bloom for many weeks. Many of the buds are silver colored.



These are less than 2 inches in dia. and about that high. The blooms on these are two week old.

These blooms seem almost like straw both in the above and below cacti.

Same type of cacti but much different blooms.

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