Cheers, from Tom Beatty Sr.
Huachuca's Miller Canyon of Southeast Arizona
"The Hummingbird Place" with 3 Hummingbird Viewing Sites:

Since April 2002 thousands of Birders have come to Miller Canyon to view the Male
Flame-colored Tanager, The FCTA has never missed a day that it has not been seen.
Many birders have also gone up canyon beyond the FCTA to view a Spotted Owl pair.

One of Arizona's best kept secrets.

Beatty's Miller Canyon Guest Ranch Apiary & Orchard Co.

2173 E. Miller Canyon Road. Hereford, Arizona. 85615 PH: 1-520-378-2728

Your host are Tom and Edith Beatty.

Six Bed & Breakfast/Housekeeping units, located in the Huachuca Mountains above trail head parking at 5800 feet & is 85 miles southeast of Tucson. The 10 acre property (100 yards by 1/4 mile) is 3 miles west of State Highway 92 on Miller Canyon Road and is completely surrounded by U.S. Forest Land.

And Now 3 new cabins.


Welcome to Beatty's Miller Canyon
Guest Ranch & Orchard
NO SMOKING/Pets & BURNING of Candles/Incenses on the PROPERTY
2173 E. Miller Canyon Rd
Hereford, AZ 85615-9667 Phone: 520-378-2728

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The uniqueness of the property includes:

* Highest residential area in the Huachuca Mountains.

* Two miles from the nearest residence

* Adjacent to Miller Peak Wilderness

* Numerous ponds, permanent water in Miller Creek

* Hummingbird & butterfly gardens with feeders

* 1300 apple trees

* Great views of the San Pedro Valley & of the surrounding mountains

* Hiking trails in all directions

This unique setting helps attract more hummingbirds to our feeders than any other area in the Huachuca Mountains.


Notice that each fence post has a hummingbird feeder on it, and it is numbered so you can tell a friend look at the White-eared on number 5.


Sorry but this is no longer there, I just have not had the time to change it. I has been moved across the road from here.

Since I put this image on line things have changed. This is no long in this spot. I don't know where it was put but as soon as I get the time I shall redo the photos, I guess this is on goverment land and had to be moved to another location. 04/13/04

Directly across from the feeders is a very nice shaded place to sit and watch or photograph the birds.


A frequent visitor to the feeders is this beautiful White-eared hummer.


Not to be out done is a Magnificent on the fence just below the feeders.


And then there is the butterfly garden just the other side of the fence the feeders are on.



Please call for availability and pricing. 1-520-378-2728




On July 07/02 I photographed the Lawrance's Goldfinch


The 3 brand new beautiful cabins Tom has just built.
photos added 07/09/023


Views form the road up to Beatty's


View the Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frogs.
photos on as of 07/09/02


Fall colors at Beatty's


View a Hutton's Viero nest in Beatty's Apple trees.


Standing Room Only at the Hummingbird viewing area


View a few of the Hummers that showed just for you.


Just to the left of the private viewing area as your sitting on the bench there is a Cooper's Hawk's Nest.
Want to visit it? Click HERE


One more thing; if you promise not to tell any one, I will tell you of my secret most Hummingbird photographing place. But you've got to promise me you won't tell Tom Beatty where you got this information, OK? Now if you are going to be a tell all don't bother to go there. It's called the controlled access site.

But if you can keep my secret click here, you'll love it.
But it's only for the very serious minded photographers.
New images as of 07/07/02.

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Cheers, from Tom Beatty Sr.
Huachuca's Miller Canyon of Southeast Arizona
"The Hummingbird Place" with 3 Hummingbird Viewing Sites: