This page was put on 07/09/2002

It's just a short stroll across the wooden bridge & up the mountain.
It's not a hard climb, and if this old man can make it, I know all of you can.

First is the BRIDGE.

I call this to your attention first because; there is a TROLL that lives
under that BRIDGE. You may have to pay him a few nice fresh ants or
some other type insect in order to pass over that BRIDGE.

You say you can't see the TROLL?


Well, you will in the next image.


He might be a mean looker but actually he's baby and a push-over.
If you don't have the payment required, just stomp your foot twice on the bridge
and he will run and hide back under the bridge where he lives.

I think it's a desert Spiny, or tree spiny.
It's approximately 12 inches long.


First on the trail is the jon for the tent campers.

Either side of the jon is an area for pitching your tent.

Tom has made nice level areas behind the jon for tents.

Just on the other side of the path is a nice picnic table.


On up the hill to the new cabins.

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Cheers, from Tom Beatty Sr.
Huachuca's Miller Canyon of Southeast Arizona
"The Hummingbird Place" with 3 Hummingbird Viewing Sites: