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While trying to get a photograph of the elusive Eared Trogon just behind the Beatty's B&B place in Miller Canyon, I snapped these few images with my dig cam to show you how pretty is there.


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I'll call this the upper cabin because it's high on the hill above the main house. This is the one you want to rent when you go there. As you can see it's totally modern. The mountains you see in the back ground are in the next photo.

This a view of the orchard and the mountain you could see over the top of the first photo. On a clear day you can see for ever.

This a view in the woods behind the cabin.

Just a small area view looking out of the other side of the cabin.

Leaves on the ground 12/21/99

Leaves on the ground 12/21/99

Leaves on the ground 12/21/99

Leaves on the ground 12/21/99

Another view of the woods behind the cabin

You can rally loose your self here any time of the year, spring, summer, fall, or winter, and the weather is always perfect for bird watching or what ever you want to do. If you really feel you need a shot of the city life while there, within 15 miles there's a new very large shopping center just opened 12/99 and the town of Sierra Vista, Arizona.


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Cheers, from Tom Beatty Sr.
Huachuca's Miller Canyon of Southeast Arizona
"The Hummingbird Place" with 3 Hummingbird Viewing Sites: