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Headed south on highway 92 out of Sierra Vista
just before you turn right into Miller Canyon.


Beginning of the Miller Canyon road looking east.


Same as above photo, but looking southeast. Do you see the Cooper's Hawk?




Just as you come to the end of the road and make that left turn onto the
loop road to go back down.

It was a cool, drizzly, cloudy Sunday, July 18, 1999, and I was on my way to Tom Beatty's to try and photograph that elusive Berylline hummingbird, and just though you might enjoy viewing these images. You won't always see the clouds down this low every time you visit Beatty's Bed & Breakfast, but the scenery is always beautiful on the drive up the canyon.

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Cheers, from Tom Beatty Sr.
Huachuca's Miller Canyon of Southeast Arizona
"The Hummingbird Place" with 3 Hummingbird Viewing Sites: