Ol'e B-C here welcoming you to the Flycatcher section of my web site.

B-C = Brown-crested, photographed April 6, 2002 Arizona. 80 miles north-west of Phoenix in the
Harcuvar Mountain Wilderness.
Not so you say? OH, you think it is an Ash-throated Flycatcher?

After showing this image to at least 7 very qualified birders, we came up with,
3 Brown-crested - 3 Ash-throated and one to close to call.

Well that puts back where we started.
Is it or isn't it.

We went back to where we photographed it and sure enough it came back to the same tree.
Now, this time we got a recording of it calling.
Let 3 qualified ear birders hear it and all said
Brown-crested Flycatcher. I am satisfied it's a Brown-crested, but if your not, that too is OK.


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