Black Phoebe

Black Phoebe
Sayornis nigricans

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It's very difficult to go to a lake, pond, or just about any water hole in Arizona and not see a Black phoebe. They build nest that are formed of mud.

Map and range not to any scale.


Rio Salado in South Central Phoenix, AZ.

While waiting for the Varied Thrush to put in an appearance this
Black Phoebe kept flying in and I just couldn't resist taking a few photos.


This Phoebe was so not afraid of people it would come and perch
right next to where I was sitting on a cement bench.






This is the cement bench I was sitting on, I had to get up and and take a few steps away to get this image.

I think it has a bug in its bill.


Below images taken at an earlier date.


That's quite a mouth full ain't it POP?


Want to see a Black Phoebe and a Say's Phoebe together to compare the two?

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