Gavia adamssii

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Map & range not to any scale & may not be absolute.
The red X indicates where the bird was photographed on 03/10/2002.
Please see map below for more details.


On the map Havasu is spelled wrong.

Please note where it says in red "Lake Havasu City".
This is where the Yellow-billed Loon was photographed from a floating fishing dock
at point 6 on the Island across the London Bridge.

Approximately 200 miles from Phoenix.


In the near future I will show some of the other birds I was able to photographed at Lake Havasu.

Such as, Osprey, Pied-billed Grebe, Ring-billed Gull, Clark's Grebe, Common Loon,

If you like to see a comparison of the Yellow-billed and a Common CLICK HERE.


I would guess that the fishermen on that dock thought we "photographers" were a bunch of crazes, running from one end of the dock to the other with tripods and cameras, trying to get a photo of that elusive, diving, Yellow-billed Loon.

In the two days I was there it ( the Yellow-billed Loon ) normally stayed around the dock for an hour or more & then it would disappear only to be spotted through the many scopes over on the California side of the lake.

We never saw it leave the dock area, but once on Saturday afternoon a few bird watchers did see it take off and fly back to our side (Arizona side) of the lake and land just a couple hundred feet from our dock area. All that were there said they had never seen it fly before.


Is this a fishing dock or a bird watchers dock?

I think the cameras & the scopes out numbered the fishing poles by about 2 to 1 that week end.


In fact, in these 2 images, I don't think there were any fishermen on the dock.


OK, let's have a look at that Yellow-billed Loon.

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