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This looks more like a Turkey Vulture to me


While photographing the Yellow-billed Loon at Lake Havasu City, a very nice Osprey flew over, circled and perched on top of one the sail boat mast.




It would fly in try to land/perch only to find it a much more difficult to land on spot that it had anticipated.

So, off it would go again to make a another try at it. Some times it would take 3 to 4 attempts to get it right and perch on the top of one of those boat mast.


AH, success at last. As you can see there is only space on the top for one foot.


A-HOY down there, A-HOY I say.

STOP rocking the boat!


Thanks a lot, that's much better.


What a bird has to go through to get a good perch for the night.

Please note in the above photo, you can see there is only enough room fore one of its feet on the top of this mast.


Sure hope those Gulls don't start their harassing again tonight.



I have always wondered if those birds could see straight out ahead of then selves.

We don't get to view a bird face to face very often, so I thought I would show this view so you could see that the bird can see straight ahead.


If you think you really have good balance, just try this some time.


Better make sure I have my pilot's license before I take off.

I just know I stuck that darn pilot's license in here some where.


On 11/23/2002 at Site 6 on the Island at Lake Havasu City, Arizona
where first I photographed the Yellow-billed Loon 03/10/2002 revisited.

Not much going on, no birds to speak of.

AND then it happened!!


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