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As a bird or nature photographer you will really like and enjoy the north rim of the canyon. A lot less tourist walking a round. A more laid back atmosphere. Less hussel-bussel. Lodges?? Well, this is what I really like. There is no one lodge. But, there many log cabins. Yes, log cabins. They are very nice and not all that costly to stay in. Rates are lower than the ones on south rim lodges. I don't know about all of them but the ones I have staid in have complete living facilities.

The elevation is high. About 8000 feet, so if you have a breathing problem you may want to consider that. Temperatures are much cooler than on the south rim and it rains a bit more often, so you may want to take that into consideration if planing a trip there.

The dinning facilities are great. The dinning room is on the edge of the canyon with spectacular views even if your not seated at a window table. Of course it's not the "EL Tovar" that the south rim has, but the food is just as good and the cost is less. There's also a snack shop, a gift & book store.

Not quite as extensive a rim walk system. But the views they do have are just as beautiful as the south rim, it's just that you see the canyon from an altogether different point of view. I will say this, the rim walks do not seem to have as many railings between you and drop off edges as the south rim has. Inasmuch as I am not a mountain goat, and I don't like walking on the edge. It has been a year since I was last there and I do believe they have put up more railings since last year.

I would have to say my favorite part of going to the north rim is the drive to it. Coming out of the Phoenix area I drive north on I-17 to Flagstaff. Take highway 89 north as if I was going to Page, AZ. At Cameron take highway 89A west to Jacob Lake, then turn south onto highway 67, it's about another 45+ miles to the north rim.

The views along highway 89A are absolutely spectacular. The Vermilion Cliffs for almost 45 miles are unbelievably beautiful. When you get to Jacob Lake you may want to stop for gas and lunch. If there are no rooms at the north rim you have 4 other places to choose from. One of the 3 motels on 89A or the lodge at Jacob Lake turn off. I might also add that any of the three restaurants along 89A are very good, and they each have motels and gas stations too.

There is one other lodge close to the north rim. It's about (15 miles or so) from the north rim, and I believe it is called "The Kaibab Lodge". At this point there also is a gas station and grocery store.

This is a place where if you stay for a while you just may forget where you live.

Maybe I should show you a few photos?

Vermilion Cliffs along highway 89A.

Along 67 south to the rim.

Cabins at the north rim.

A few views of the Visitor Center & North Rim Dinning Room.

A few views of the canyon from the north rim. I did not take to many shots because I ain't no young chicken any more and I don't like walking on the trails with loose gravel and no guard rails and when you look down it's over 1000 feet to the bottom.

Don't forget, it is illegal to approach or feed the wild life at the canyon no matter how begging they may look at you. Besides the doctors at the canyon have to treat many animal bites every year.


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