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The drive from Jacob Lake turn off onto highway 67.

The last 15 miles to Jacob Lake turn off onto highway 67 is up hill and many sharp curves.


Watch those lights. (cigarettes I mean)
A thoughtless moment can cause damage that will take a 100 years to regrow.


But they do seem to always come back, slowly but surely.


This is what you see most of the way to the north rim



Keep a sharp look out for wild life. They can and will be in front of your car
before you know it.


They do not make good hood ornaments and besides
They will destroy you vehicle and could cause great physical injury to the
car occupants.


But please, give these critters (Turkeys) a BREAK, as in, put your foot on the pedal.

As you can see I stopped and the on coming car stopped.
There were 3 families of Turkeys all together in this bunch.

Evidently when the Polts hatch the families band together while raising their young.
I say not of my knowledge of it, but rather because this is what I see most of the time.




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