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The Drive to the North Rim

Just after driving onto highway 89A you come across
the Navajo Bridge just as you reach the Lee's Ferry Turn off.


The Colorado River that flows under that bridge.




The above 3 views are the drive along highway 89A as you you drive along the Vermilion Cliffs.


On March 03, 2003 I drove to the Vermilion Cliffs to watch another California Condor
release and the clouds were very low and it had just rained so the cliffs were
really red and I just had to show you a few photos.

So, here they are.

Coming down the mountain into Marble Canyon.







Like I said, there are 3 places to stop and gas, and eat, and motel along 89A.

Here is where I stay if to tired to drive all the way to the north rim
or if I want to investigate the Vermilion Cliffs region.



Now you may not believe it, but,
this is one of the finest restaurants I have ever eaten in.
Later I found out the owner/cook was a gourmet cook in one
of the finest east coast restaurants before retiring here.
I stayed here an extra 2 days just because of the food served.

They will ask you what you want for desert, because,
they make it to order while you are eating.

The other places may be just as good but I have not tried them & probably won't
now that I have found this place. I always arrange it so I get here at dinner or lunch time.


Not pictured is the Marble Canyon restaurant & Motel.
The Vermilion Cliffs Restaurant & Motel.


Next set of driving views.

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