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North Rim Main Entrance & Dinning Room


Walk right in for dinning, and an inside sit down canyon viewing area.

Yes it's a very large window looking out into the canyon with many seats.

Snack bar is to the extreme right before you go in.

After entering, the dinning room is to your right & the reservation desk is to your left.


OK, I must explain one thing about this photo of the dinning room.

When ever you take a photo of an inside view and it has windows looking out side,
You must expose for either the inside view or the outside view because of the terrific difference in light.
I set the digital camera to expose for the inside, and I put in the window vies from
some canyon shots shot I had already made. If I had not done this the photo would have looked like this.

Now, I have shown you both,
so you won't have to wonder what I am talking about.


Out side the dinning room are many places to sit and eat or just enjoy the canyon views.



This is the other side of the area that you can sit in. I guess no one wanted to sit here today.

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