Brewer's Sparrow

Brewer's Sparrow


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Photographed this Sparrow while observing the birds that come to eat at my
"No Where Arizona" project about 100 miles northwest of the Phoenix area.

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I had ask for an ID on this bird and got this from an East Coast birder.
Gee, it took an Easterner to ID my Arizona bird.


Photographed 06/07/02

Please let me know what sparrow this is.

Is it a possible chipping?

Feb. 28, 2004

My East coast birder friend R.J. writes.
"This is a Brewer's Sparrow, which is quite late,
especially out in the desert. Probably a straggler female on her way north to the
Great Basin breeding range. It should be up on the North Rim in the Arizona Strip at least by then."


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