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Rams approx. 6 feet in length, Ewes approx. 5 feet in length.
They have a whitish rump patch and around their muzzle and a white patch.
The shape of their horns is called a "CURL".
A full grown Ram may have a horn curl that comes completely back to where the
horns come out the head. If the horns block park of the rams vision it rub them off on a rock.
The Ewes horns never form a curl as the males.
Normally they look straight to slightly slanted back


The Big Horn Sheet of the Grand Canyon

All photos taken at the South rim out from the Bright Angel Lodge looking down over the rim wall.


What would a wild life photo be without a Condor picture in it?

I call this the "STAND OFF".

The Big Horn finally walked away after about 5 minutes of starring at the Condor.






There are 4 Big horns in this image, can you find them?


OH-OH, I think I see trouble up ahead.


I've told you never to use my path, I just may push you off the side.


But your in luck today, I am in a good mood and am going to let you pass this one last time.


But don't let it happen again, ya hear?



You just never give up, do you?





These photos were taken in November of 2001.

Camera, Nikon F/4s - Lens, Sigma 500 mm, using a 2X teleconverter - Fuji film NPZ 800.


A few more photos taken 08/27/05 while walking the south rim walkway of the Grand Canyon



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