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South Rim of the Grand Canyon 08/27/05

While walking along the south rim walkway early one morning
I noticed a family of Big Horn sheep coming up towards the walkway wall.
I stopped sat on the wall and waited, sure enough they did climb up and jump onto the walkway.


At this point you had better not be in there way.


It's amazing how they can stand next to the wall and just right over it.

This is the pairs young.


OK, they'er all here, I think I shall step back and watch.


I think we are gonna have Big Horns on the walkway in a few seconds.


You can see the rim wall on the right.



They are watching to see If I am going to interfear with them coming up


It jumped up in a blinkof your eye.


However upon seeing me standing there it made a quick exit back down to its parents.


Back up it came only to just stand ther and stare at me.


Moms head up close.



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