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Wilson's Warbler
Wilsonia pusilla


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The male looks as if it is wearing a black skull cap. In the female the cap is barely
visible and some times non excitant. The first photo was taken at the
Tucson, Arizona waist water treatment plant. The others at the state
Park Lake Patagonia, Arizona. In the Eastern part of the U.S. the bright yellow
will be a greenish-yellow. Nest along lakes and streams where it is moist and dense.


Map and range not to any scale. Mexican range may not be complete.


This photo taken at Tucson's waist water treatment plant

The above three photos are of the male Wilson's warbler.
Always remember, when ever taking photos of birds, try to get as many different views as possible.
In this way you will have a record of what the bird looks like from several angles.


The images below are of the female Wilson's warbler.


Here's one photographed 09/07/05 Phoenix Botanical Gardens


More images taken while at Madera Canyon 04/2006

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