Violet-green Swallows

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Nor is the range absolute.


Now here is a photographer's challenge if there ever was one.

From the top of the rock where the swallows were landing on to where I was standing on the edge of the canyon
is about 100 yards or the length of a football field.
Using a 600mm lens plus one 2X & one 1.4X teleconverters I was able to get the top of the rock full frame.
This bird is approximately 5 inches long and flits from place to place very quickly.

Using Fuji NPZ 800 film I was able to use a shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second at f/4.5,
however that high speed film leaves a lot to be desired for image quality as you will see in the following images.


They weren't bathing or drinking, I think they were either eating the alga* or small flying bugs around the water holes.

*pronounced "AL-GEE"


On the bird in the center you can see that the white goes above the eye as it says it does in the bird guides.



On the two left birds you also can see the brown on the top of the head.


That's about it for photographing these birds, they're just to small and to far away to get good images.

These images were taken from "Grand View" point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.


A few newer images I got while at the canyon for 15 days in June 05

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