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Head to tail approximately 7 to 8 inches. Has a very distinctive black crown.
Black face and a black bib. The bill is a light orangish or maybe even a pinkish color.
Wintering birds here in Arizona show white flecks in the black bib.
This bird is a rare find for Arizona any time of the year.

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Come out - Come out from where ever you are little sparrow.










A shy little bird, but it cannot resist those nice seeds ole
Earle has spread out on the ground in order to coax it out into the open.



Oh, the sparrow is in this images, it's just that you may have to really look to find it.
I said it was shy and and kinda spooky at times.
In other words it doesn't like any movement around it when it does come out to eat.


It's OK to come on out and crack some of those nice seeds mr. sparrow.

Well it didn't take much coaxing to it to come out and start eating those seeds once again.


It sure didn't take it long to get back to crack'n those seeds.


As it eat or cracked those seeds it would continously look to the right and quickly look to the left.

and then to the left.

If I were you, I would take a quick look behind too!

And sure enough it did just that.

You just can't be to careful when your on the ground eaten seeds.

You can really see the bill is a pinkish/red on its top & orangish on the bottom half.


Before I leave I thought I would give you a nice profile view.

Plus my beautiful under tail covert feathers.

Thanks for viewing and return soon because I never know when I might run across another beautiful bird.


And last but not least, where did I photograph this bird?

Yes, it was the Gilbert, Arizona Water Ranch
where there's always plenty of birds to photograph.

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