Common Snipe

Common Snipe
Gallinago gallinago

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While helping, and working with Mr. Roger Radd of Cornville, Arizona, and trying to get a photograph of the elusive Clapper Rail I did get some other photos, this being of the Common Snipe and a few photos of a Virginia Rail. The Clapper Rail was heard but not seen.


Photo location - AZ

Maps and areas may not be to any scale.


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These water's edge birds are very difficult to
photograph because they weave in and out of the
vegetation at the waters edge.
The least bit of movement or noise and they are gone, back into the deep vegetation.

I believe it's telling me to stop bothering it by taking
so many photos of the bird.

As you can see I like to photograph all sides and areas
of any bird I photograph.
This is I have found out an invaluable tool in identifying
the bird and is very good when I show my photos,
so others can see the same.

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