Loggerhead Shrike


Loggerhead Shrike
Lanius ludovicianus

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Black mask through the eye. Note hook on end of the bill. Small white patch on wing


Map and range not to any scale.


It likes very open country side with very few trees and or shrubs or bushes.

Approximately 8 to 9 inches long. The loggerheaded is more or less identified by its short very hooked bill. Eats small birds, insects, and small animals. Some call this bird the BUTCHER bird because it will some times impale its catch on a large thorn or any thing else that is similar.

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I had originally called this a Northern Shrike.
However it has been called to my attention that perhaps
I had made an error in naming this bird. So,
upon a closer inspection I have decide it is a Loggerhead Shrike rather
than a Northern Shrike.
Note the black does go to the top and over the eye.
The breast is not barred at all that I can see.



Added 01/07/04

Many times I do not put on my nest photos on for quite some time after they have been taken.
Here are a few I took on the desert south of Interstate 8 a few miles east of Yuma, Arizona.

There are 3 chicks in this nest.


Both birds the male and the female attended the nest and chicks. Just don't ask which is which.

In this image the one adult is bringing food to the adult bird on the nest.


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