painted redstarts



Photographs were taken in Southern Arizona, some in Madera Canyon, some in Miller Canyon.

The nest found at


stopped construction of new cabins until the birds fledged.


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A watchful parent above its nest area checking that the photographer doesn't get to close.



OH no you don't, You ain't taken no pictures of my babies.

Actually I believe I may have snapped the camera's shutter just as
the bird was leaving the nest to get more food for the chicks.


Quite a few days later.

AH yes, this the moment I've been waiting for.


I don't think you are supposed to take off going up hill for your first flight.


I better take a short rest that climb was quite tiring.


Well, I guess I will give it another try, flying that is.


Well, here goes.


No one ever said this learning to fly would be a snap, but I think I might just make it after all.


What I didn't get on film was, the fledgling faltered in flight and the watchful parent flew under it allowing the chick to rest on the its back and lowered it to the ground where it rested for a short time and then again took off.


Madera Canyon in a stream side bank.


These are the only photos I got because something happened to the nest and chicks,
all was gone one morning when I went to photograph it.


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