Cardinalis sinuatus

believe it is pronounced perr-roo-locks-e-a

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Map and range may not be to any scale.


You just might want to look at this

Male Pyrrhuloxia.

Many times when in the field I have herd people say, "Oh look at the Cardinal" which only goes to show that many inexperienced birders think this is a Cardinal.


Since there seems to be some confusion in the field, let's take a comparison look at the two birds.
Pyrrhiloxia verses Cardinal.


In the above 3 photos can you pick out the Pyrrhuloxia?


Top photo: Male Cardinal
Center photo: Male Pyrrhuloxia
Bottom photo: Female Cardinal

Have you noticed that the two Cardinals both have a reddish
or pinkish bill, and the Pyrrhuloxia does not.


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