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OH, what a shame that I truly do not have a name.

These photos and or film have not been altered digitally or in any other way.

I have several rolls of film on this bird trying to photograph it from every angle.


Don't be fooled by its colors or markings.

I can guarantee you this ain't no Cardinal.



Still think it's a Cardinal?


Scratching your head by now ? :-)




One last chance to identify the bird.


You say, OH, it's a young Cardinal??

Well, here's one not quite a year old.

Hummmmmm, not much resemblance hear.


Need a refresher on an adult Cardinal??

Left; male - Right; Female Cardinals.


How about we take a look at a pyrruloxia?

Be very careful now, you had better go back & look at the mystery bird again.

Some times you may not see what your looking at.
Or maybe your not seeing what you think you are looking at.

Maybe we could discuss this bird.
Remember, it is not one I made up it really is alive and I have returned to where
I first found it several times and have several rolls of film of it.


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