Belted Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher


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These images were taken at Tom Beatty's B&B

Beatty's Miller Canyon Guest Ranch Apiary & Orchard Co.

2173 E. Miller Canyon Road. Hereford, Arizona. 85615 PH: 1-520-378-2728


I never did get close enough to the bird to get any real good images.

If I moved it moved and that's the way it went for quite some time. This is where a digital camera comes in handy.

You can take a small image and crop it to a larger one without much grain.

I never got closer than 200/300 feet or so from the bird.

Camera; Nikon D70s; Lens Nikon 80 to 400 mm VR AF


I believe this to be a female Belted Kingfisher

This bird was about 300 feet from where I was standing photographing it.

If you have ever been to Beattys, I was at the apple house and the bird was up by their house.

This next image will give an idea where I was from the bird on the wire.

Bird to camer is about a foot ball field away.


Next it flew over and perched in a tree across the road from Toms house.


As you can see these 2 images were taken from much farther away than 300 feet.


I found an opening between the bushes and snapped a quick photo.


Well, that's about as good as I am going to get.


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