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Green-backed Heron

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Formerly called "Green Heron"




Will note that this Heron is a much shorter legged Heron than most herons, in fact this heron is smaller than most of the other Herons. It's approximately 18 to 19 inches in length and about 26 inch wing span. I have found it hard to see the green on these birds at times. It has a black cap. Its throat is white and rufous or chestnut on it sides. I generally see these in trees along water or standing in the shallow water along the shore.





Didn't Y'r momma ever tell ya to always stand up straight?


A couple of immature Green-backed Herons.


It has been called to my attenton that the above birds are not immature Green-backed Herons.

I have been told these are immature Black-crowned Night Herons.


OK; here are a few images of an immature or first year Green-backed Heron

11/13/05 Gilbert, Arizona Water Ranch



What you can't see is what the Heron is looking at that him so excited, note the feathers on top of its head.


A snake just came out of the water and went back into those weeds or brush.

I've never seen this reaction before.


Gone Fishin

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