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Green-backed Heron

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Formerly called "Green Heron"




Photographed 01/17/06 at Gilbert, Arizona at;


While looking for the Least Bittern, I found a Green Heron across the lake
and it flew directly at me landing lass than 10 feet away in some very thick brush, so,
I guess it thought (if it could) that it was hid from me, or maybe it didn't see me standing behind camera not moving a mussel.


Here is where it was just before flying in next to me.

It was very close to the Least Bittern.

I had no sooner clicked the shuter and it took off flying directly at me landing less than 10 feet away in some brush.


As you can see it is looking directly at me not knowing just what to do,
I thought for sure it would take off and go some where else.

I didn't move, it didn't move.


I think a fish has caught its eye, at lest it is no longer interested in my being so close.


OH, OH, I think it going to try for a fish.


I told you so, it got one.


Just in case you can't see the fish I have put an arrow pointing to it.

Looks like a minnow to, better throw it back and let it grow up Mr. Heron.


I didn't and it kept on fish'n foe all the time Iwas there about 30 minutes or so.


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