House Finch

House Finch

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Feeding he chicks.

I never did seen the male Finch bring any thing in his beak to feed the chicks.
The book says chicks are fed by regurgitation.
We will take a close look at this in the next few photos.

As you see in this image the male has just regurgitated a couple of seeds
and is about to feed them to one of the chicks.


In case you still don't see the regurgitated seeds,
I have put a white arrow pointing them out in the next photo.



And there they go.
In the approx. 2 weeks I have been watching this nest
I only saw the female come to the nest and feed the chicks one time.
However, I only watched the nest a couple of hours from sun up,
and a couple of hours just before sun down each day.
A few days I went to the nest in the middle of the day.


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