The California Condors
as they soar over and perch on the cliff rocks at the South rim of the Grand Canyon

I am glad you came to view the Condors
Please enjoy yourself and return often

If looking for the California Condors while at the south rim of the Grand Canyon, don't wait for some one else to point them out to you. Look over the rim wall (very carefully that is) and scan the tree tops, look under the trees. If you can find the water pipe coming up right out in front of the Bright Angel lodge entrance they will some times try to get a drink from the pipe where it leaks. Also scan all of the ledges along the walls of the canyon. Many times I have seen/found as many as 3 or 5 condors that no one else sees.

Many times they will roost for the night in a tree top.

I am looking straight down over the wall from just out side the Bright Angel lodge.
I would guess the condor is approximately 300 feet down, but no one saw it and there were more than likely
over 100 visitors out there looking at the canyon that day.


Even as it was excrsizing its wings no one saw it.


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