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An interesting note from "The Birder's Hand Book"
P.R. Ehrlich, D.S. Dobkin, & D. Wheye, page 557.
"The feeding instinct in parental birds is very strong, and feeding
behavior is usually elicited by feeding calls and gaping on the part
of the chicks. One Northern Cardinal was even observed to
have adopted a school of gaping goldfish at a pond where the fish
were accustomed to begging from people."

The Northern Cardinal is one of my favorite birds to photograph.
I just can't seem to get enough photos of this beautiful bird.
Out of the several hundred images I have, there isn't one
that I would consider throwing away.

I believe I will start off this Cardinal show with my favorite Cardinal photo.
Please look/examine this image extremely close.
If you don't find the point of unusualness, scroll down
to the second image and it will be explained to you.

Is there any thing about this photo that you find unusual, interesting, or strange?
If you can't quite put your finger on it, scroll down to the next image, and I shall point it out to you.


No, I did not plan the photo to come out this way.
It just happened.
I tell people that many of my so called better photos,
came about because of what I call, just plain Dumb Luck.

One the more interesting things here is, that, the Cardinal's wings are
folded into a non flying position. So, I would say the bird is falling
to a landing, rather than flying to a landing. Is it therefore possible,
that I have made a discovery that this is the way all Cardinals land?

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