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The Petrified Forest National Park Arizona revisited
August 2004


This time I am not going to show all of the view points like I did in the original showing of this unbelievable place.

This is the Monsoon season here in Arizona so I will have to keep one eye on the sky and the other on the Petrified Wood.

I can see the park entrance up ahead and a storm brewing so I think I shall kill some time in the visitor's center and gift shop until the storm blows over.





Killing time









This is my rock, wanta try and take it away from me?

Well, do you?


Well I'm not going to mess with this guy, but I did see one that looked much more gentle on down the road.

So, let me show you a short skit I did along Instate 40.

He sure does not look as mean as the other one.
I can't tell if its grinning or just out of breath, or maybe it's just saying on over and play for a while. :-) :-).


WOW, was I ever mistaken about that.


Whew, just made it out in the nick of time.


Sorry - sorry, please forgive me for intruding on your land.


OK bud, you had better stay on your side of the fence & if you don't,
I may have to cut off your tail just behind your ears.

By the way just where are its EARS ;-) :-)??


You know of course I did make the above images using one of the dinosaurs along Interstate 40 and a petrified rock.





Just before I got to the park entrance I saw a sign along highway that read,
Geronimo's see the worlds largest Petrified Tree.
So I turned in to see this tree. Below are a few images I took with the dig cam.


In this image it does not look so big.
It's 25 feet tall, 6 1/2 feet in diameter
Estimated weight approx. 100 tons.
I think that's 200,000 pounds & that's 1,200,000 ounces
I really like those big numbers.


These horizontal pieces are approx. 20 feet long & may have been part of that tree.



Out here in Arizona where ever there's a bit of dirt a cactus will soon be growing.


Well; on to the Petrified Forest Park

The Badlands

The Teepees

Just a few pretty pieces of petrified wood.

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