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The London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Revisited 8 months later 11/22/2002

It's still not falling down as the song indicates. I went back to photograph the Pacific Loon that was spotted there.

First thing I did was attempt to use the TARDIS (as in Doc. WHO) again. As before it didn't work.

One of these trys it is going to work I just know it.


OH, well I guess I will have to rent a boat.

I rented a paddle boat, went on the lake and checked out rigidity of this bridge.


Looks A-OK to me, maybe I had better have a closer look.


OK, it's got my approval, it's not falling down.


Fountains still working in all their beauty


Here's where to stay when viewing the London Bridge


This is the place to stay if you are going there. Good accommodations and food.

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