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Driving the Highways & Byways of Arizona



February 2005
All records for days of continous rain, days with no sun shine have now been broken.
We are now 4 inches over the needed rain fall for the year & we are only 60 days into the year.



The desert is turning green.
There are areas that should be sandy tan color that are now solid GREEN.


I have been driving this stretch of state highway 60 northwest out of Phoenix to Wickenburg for years
and have never seen green grass/weeds along the road side.
In some areas of Phoenix the grass/weeds are 6 to 7 feet high along the road side.


Arizona is known for its dry river beds and there are some that have been dry for many-many years.

The one I am about to show you has been dry for as long as I can remember.
I drive over it every week while going out to my "No Where Arizona" project northwest of Aguila Arizona.



Under an Ominous sky the normally dry river roars.


Looking north from the bridge walk way.


The one thing you must know before we go any farther is;
in Arizona when ever it rains and fills the washes that cross the roads where it says
"Do Not Enter When Flooded"
only seems to be no more than an invitation to the jerk/idiots
with the big SUV's and 4 WHEELERS
to try and forge the water way.

If they don't get washed away and drown, or get stranded and have to have the fire rescue helicopters and rescue boats
try to save them. We now a law against that flooded wash crossing when posted
"Do Not Enter When Flooded" You have to pay the cost of getting rescued plus a fine.

However, that does not stop them from trying to cross, so, when ever it rains the
TV news shows are flooded with the scenes of the dummies being rescued.


The dry river beds are a fun place to run your ATV's SUV's & 4 Wheelers, but not when flooded.


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