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Driving the Highways & Byways of Arizona

I was headed to Prescott to try and located and view the Bald Eagle's nest at Lynx lake.

Remember now, I only said try to locate the nest.
After 5 hours of trying I think I have successfully located it high in a tree across the lake,
only time will tell if I am correct.
It was stated on the Arizona bird chat line that one of the birds was seen on the nest.

I shall make future trips to see if I am correct.
I will put a few images here of the lake when I return from my next weekly trip.

In the mean time!!!!!

Upon returning to where I had parked my van I was mentally blown away by what what I saw parked next to my vehicle.

Grappling in my van for any one of my cameras because I just had to get this on film or digital.

Using my Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera I began shooting.

This is just the wildest thing I have seen so I must share it with you
even though it is not related to the type of wild life in the sense that I know it to be.



I think it's a Toyota of some model.



Well, I have looked at it from all sides but still don't quite under stand it or why.


About now the owner walks up and says,
I have the most photographed car in Arizona, and I surely do believe her.

The owner's name is, Juanita Hull-Carlson ( Artist)
I told her I would put this information on the web site & she OK'ed it. Her E-mail address is

Or, go to her web site.

It's Febrary 24, I will try for lake images on the 26th or 27th.

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