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In Youngtown, Arizona


When leaving the house every day I would always see a bunch of small birds which I just figured were common sparrows.
With out my glasses on I never really saw them as to identify them.
One morning in January 2010 a bunch of them flew in and landed within a few feet of
where I was walking and I immediately saw they were not sparrows.
I threw some seed out to make sure they would keep coming back.
The next day I brought my camera, tri-pod, folding canvas chair home.

Early next morning I set up my camera and chair in the front yard right next to a tree so as not to be to conspicuous.
I saw or didn't see any birds. Then all the sudden as if it were magic the birds were every where. They came out of the trees and bushes
so fast I didn't even see them fly in or down to the yard grass and start eating the seed I had put out the day before.

WOW, much to my surprise they were JUNCOS. White-crown sparrows and Chipping sparrows, and a few others.

Inasmuch as the Juncos out numbered the other birds I photograph them first.

I find it very difficult to identify Juncos so I'll let you do it, OK?


I'll call the 2 above images GRAY-headed.

According to my bird guide book this is a Gray-headed Junco


According to my bird guide book this is a Slate-colored Junco and possibly of the Oregon race.

I could not photograph the entire yard in one image, if I did the birds would be so small you could not see them.
Using one of my tele-photos lenses I can capture one or two at a time.

The bird on the left and a bit out of focus do to not having much depth of field, is a Chipping Sparrow.


According to my bird guide book this is a Slate-colored Junco and possibly of the Oregon race


I could be wrong but I think this one is called a Pink-sided race.

In all I seem to have 3 types of Juncos in the yard.
These birds do not live in Arizona so I believe they are migrants from up North.

I have seen them many times at the Grand Canyon.


This truly is not a Junco but rather a White-crowned Sparrow.




I believe the three above images are of a Chipping Sparrow.


Well, what do we have here,
This Mockingbird was possibly attracted by all of the other birds eating the seed I had put out


I'll call these my 3 musketeers
They just sat there watching all of the feeding on the ground.
These are either Morning Doves or Inca Doves.


While photographing the birds in the yard something kept buzzing around my head,
it just had to be a hummer I thought.


I believe this to be an Annas it was to big to be a Costa's.
These are the only 2 types we have here in the winter in the Phoenix area


As I was about to pack up and go back into the house,
this bird flew in and back out several time, finally I got a usable image.

I believe this to be a Verdin.

In all I sure had a god time getting these photos

Camera a Nikon D70s, Also I used a flash unit on the camera.