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Virgil the verdin

Virgil had just woke up and had set out on a vigil to find himself an early morning breakfast.
First thing on the menu was a sweet, juicy orang drink.

Flitting from tree branch to branch and bush to bush virgil was getting very worried, tired, and very thirsty.

He looked in every tree he could find.


Oh, there just has to be some oranges around here some where he thought.


OH, I just knew it, OJ juices.
Some one must have stuck an orange on this limb stubble.


Just then he heard Marty the Mockingbird call out.
Hey Virgil they are over this way, come on, I'll show you.


Come on now before I decide to eat it myself.


O'my goodness, they're just to fantastic looking to not sample a few bites.


O'MY; they're even better tasting than I had ever imagined.


Virgil, where are you, you'd better get over here quickly.

I can see Abe the Abert's Towhee coming through the tree and he's headed directly towards the orange.


As you can very plainly see that ole Towhee has it eyes trained on that orange, and is about to partake of it.


I knew it; I just knew that ole Towhee was going to have some OJ.


And sure enough it dug it beak straight into the orange slice and began to eat that ole orange.


Well, by now Virgil was was getting quite anxious.
But those larger birds scared him so he didn't dare jump up to the orange.

Ole CB Thrasher arrived on the sceen and said

Come on up here Virgil, I won't let em hurt you.


So, at last ole Virgil who had been patiently awaiting in the limbs of tree not far away flew down.

OH, I have finally arrived after all of this time awaiting.


OH, it's so good.


It just doesn't get any better than this.

I have now had my fill so will get out of here before those big ole birds return.