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Once-a-pon a time in the city of Gilbert, Arizona at;

There were two birds who wanted to eat from the same tree.
Why, because some one had put a few orange slices on the limbs for the birds to eat.

We who do bird watching and photographing called this the Notorious Orange Tree.

If you should go there in 2006, it's at the beginning of Whistling Duck Way.

Just in case here's a map.


This is a male Streak-backed Oriole and I do believe it is looking for a nice sweet orange to start off its morning.

As you will soon see things are not going to all that easy do.


He's looking for a lower branch in order to get closer to the orange slices someone had put in the tree.

Ah yes, this is much better and closer.


I think I will settle for these slices on the ground for now in hopes that ole mean Mockingbird wont see me.


Well, the coast looks clear for now, so here's goes, up to those juicy oranges.


OH, these are so much better. I sure hope that ole Mockingbird lets me eat for a while.


I just knew it was to good to be true.


If I have told you once I have told you a thousand times, don't eat the oranges in my tree.


That bird just never learns.


I am going to give just 5 seconds to get out of my tree, ya hear me??

Please note the oriole in looking up at the Mockingbird in this photo.


And the Oriole left in a blink of an eye.


I'll just stay down here till it leaves. OK?


You'al keep a sharp look out for me while have some fresh OJ.


OH, thank you for looking out for that ole Mockingbird while I drink.


I'll see ya next time your around these parts.