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Bog-springs in Greensborro, North Carolina

A super lush, green, and dense area in central Greensborro.

Now for you folks who are native Arizonians, you just may know what's in a BOG.

Things like mosquitoes, tics, leaches, OH, yes and BIRDS and other good stuff to photograph.

This BOG has a very nice board walk through it, however you can get off of it if you DARE.


Well, this looks as good a place any to start walking through this BOG.


This must be the BOG greeter or it's looking for a hand-out.



What's that on my right. Looks like a Gray Catbird. I think it is about to fly over to the other side of the walkway.


Just as I thought, it must see a nice juicy bug or something down there in the dense under brush.


Seems to be getting much more dense as I walk into the BOG.


Every now and then I will turn around only to see the Catbird following me.
It must be those tasty meal worms I keep dropping as I walk along.

He's going to ignore me and pretend I am not there or he doesn't see me.



Like I said, you can get off the boardwalk if you DARE to :-))


I thought I heard a cat calling in there???

Now I know why they this bird a "Catbird" it sounds just like a cat meowing.


Now is nice. A Stream I think.
I had better look this area over very closely.


At first I did not see this Bull Frog but it made the mistake of moving otherwise I would have never seen it.


There just has to be a critter in here some where.


Lurking in the shadows a very nice Green Heron.


I had better get back on that board walk because my shoes are really soaking up the Bog water.

And look who was there to great me.


And just across the board walk was another one.


OH, I see what its looking at.

Another Gray Catbird hidden in the dense greenery.


Well, that's about it for BOG SPRINGS
I seem to have gone full circle and am back where I started.

Better head back to the old car, you have have only been a few minutes but I have been here all day.


At the entrance to the BOG there is a very small park area with bird seed feeders set up plus nice resting benches for us oldies to rest on and watch for any stray birds that just happen buy. And sure enough one just that. First to the feed and then to the ground.

One Brown Thrasher.

Yes I did put 2 images together.




OOPS almost for got the rabbit


On my way back to my motel room I found another park, Maybe just a couple of photos, OK?? :-))

OH MY, what do have here?

Well it's either got young or its feed the other parent.


The worm went so quick I didn't see it get eaten


Now that both parents have gone for a while I'll just scurry over and put my small 995 dig cam up to the hole and have a look inside.

AH yes eggs I had go away quickly and come back another day.


About one week later before heading back to Arizona I just had to peek in on those Bluebird one more time.

Looks like it's going to be a new Bluebird family.


OK-OK- I'm outa hear, you have to get mean about now do-ya?


OH-MAN look what I see. I had better fill up here. Gas back home is over $2.30 per gallon

See you all later.