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On line but was there Labor Day week end 9/6/2010


After almost one year of not going to the canyon I just had to get away so I got into the ole van and headed north. Being sick and in and out of the hospital for the last year it was quite chore driving to the canyon. Even if I didn't see or photograph a bird or any other type of wild life I figured it would do me good just to get up there and lolly gag around for a few days.

4 hours later I finally made it. I didn't break any speed limits driving that 200 miles. It was labor day weekend so I figured there would be more tourist than birds. I set my canvas folding chair up just out side the ice cream shop behind the Bright Angel Lodge along the side walk that runs along the south rim, normally a fair place to see a few birds.

The birds were like hen's teeth, in other words there weren't any.


One or 2 did fly in for a fleeting minute.


Looks like a sparrow of sorts



And the squirrels were there in full force looking for a hand out from the tourist.

After 2 days of tourist watching and no birds I decided to go to my favorite place "Boggy Tank"


After taking a day off to rest I drove the 8 or so miles to Boggy Tank.
Other than much weeds and yellow flowers it didn't seem to look any different than when I left it a year ago.

once again no birds.


This is where I stay to do most of my photographing.

Setting in the van for a couple of hours a few started to show how up

Please note the white X just across the pond some 250 feet away from my camera.


A nice Steller's Jay.
Looks like the birds are not going to get close today.

Like I have always said if you are going to photo birds, put your mony in lenes.
This is an 850mm with a 2X on it.


Morning Dove


Spotted Towhee

Most of the birds never got closer than 100 feet from my camera.


Male Red Shafter Flicker


I beleave this is the female Red Shafted Flicker.


Possible Lark Sparrow


Well, what a surprise. Didn't expect to see you here today.
However many thanks for coming and allowing me to take your photo.


A couple of raggedy brown-headed Cowbirdsthey may or may not be a pair.

How did they ever get that name??

The brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater) is a brood parasite that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds.
These "foster parents", called hosts, usually raise cowbird young at the expense of their own eggs or young.

Cowbirds earned their common name from the habit of following herds of buffalo (and cattle)
in search of the insect prey that were flushed up by the large grazing mammals.



It's Labor Day week end and I really labored to get these few bird photos but it was relaxing and fun.