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Tid-Bits but not necessarily birds or wild life.


In the small town I live in is a small park and in that park is a small lake.

On the above date the temperature was 115* almost every day during July.

This means all must drink much water.

Now if you are at or by a lake it wouldn't take much smarts to figure out how or where to get that drink, would it?

But not so for a Grackle and a pigeon today.


You can see there is a park and a lake, plus a nice water fountain.
Only the water fountain is for people not the bids.

Do you see the grackle on the fountain?


OK MAN, I'm ready for the water turn it on.


Ain't no water down here either
Maybe we are doing something wrong whata think?


A bad move by the pigeon.

What you need to know is,
Grackles show territory protection and aggression by pointing their head straight up


OK Grackle,
I ain't looking for no fight.
You can just keep your ole water fountain and I will go down to the lake and get my drink.


As I was leaving I noticd a bird out on the lake.

Hummm not seen one of these on this lake ever before, better take a closer look.


It's a Double crested Cormorant.

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And the KILLDEER ran through the grass looking for food scraps fron the picnicers.


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