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Do not confuse the spider with the

Trantula Hawk

[ The fear of spiders ]
Well now; if you have the above do not view our Tarantula.

In the United States Tarantulas can be found in the South and South West.

A fairly large spider approximately 2 to 3 inches across it legs.
A fearsome looking spider but basically a pussy cat.

In the summer in southern Arizona I very often see them crossing the road, generally I will stop
and pick it up and place off road in the desert some where.

Normally I don't handle wild life however,
the Tarantula does not seem fear the effects of a car tire passing over it.

The ones you see on the roads or in the desert are generally the males.
I don't think the females travel very far away from their holes/burrows.

I do not believe there is any record of a human dying or getting very sick from a Tarantulas bite.
I have handled 100's of them and never had one bite me yet.
Tarantulas are venomous but not dangerous to human in general.

A very good web site to learn more on the Tarantulas is;

The photos below are of a Tarantula spider I rescued from the hot busy asphalt road
(much to the disenchanted drivers that had to stop behind me), just out side the
Saguaro National Park North and West of Tucson, Arizona.

What I really wanted to do was to put that spider in the front seat of the car behind me that was laying on his horn.
More than likely he would have run over me in the excitement of it all, so I decided to put it down in desert. :-)



From the Grand Canyon
Just a few new images as of 10/18/06

While walking east along the rim trail at the canyon I ran across this this critter.
Almost didn't see it.

It wasn't any bigger than a quarter if that.

So, I must assume it is a young spider.


I am going to have to get down at its level if I am going to get any photos.

I would guess this is the rear end of it.


This is the front end but still I can't see much


Looks pretty mean to me



Well, I guess this as good as I am going to get as far as photographing it.



Not a good image but you see it is not very big.

Laid a quarter on that rock and it covered it.


Photos taken at an earlier date.

Here spider-spider-spider


Just like my cat, you call it, and, it goes the opposite direction.


Well I think its had enough of me photographing it.


Yep I think its going into that hole.

I did kinda over do it, I think I shot a whole roll of film of it.


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